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How does Digital Marketing affect Educational institutes?


Today, an Educational degree is no longer location-specific. A lot of online courses are being created that are deemed to bring good income to the students. The good news for students is the education system is gaining more significance. As a result, Higher education institutions are seeking assistance from digital marketing companies to build an Effective Strategy to communicate with the potential students, parents and industry experts, and other stakeholders to build a strong brand image.
Our Digital Marketing strategy for the school, college, and the university are dynamic to bring out the desired results. The Performance-Driven tactics that we implement have helped us grow as one of the leading companies for Digital Marketing in the education Industry.

15 useful Digital Marketing action plans that you need to consider for your educational institute:

  • Mobile Optimization – Mobile optimization is the first and foremost strategy for higher education. If your site does not support mobile platforms, then you will be missing out on a great number of potential students.
  • Technical SEO – Today, SEO is no longer limited to keywords and language. Google Analytics is constantly changing and only the technically strong websites will be listed on the top search results. technical SEO is a strategy that educational institutions cannot neglect.
  • Link Building – Link Building must be your fundamental criteria while formulating an effective SEO strategy for your educational institution. Today, the quality of a web page is not restricted to content alone. The average time spent on your website by a visitor depends on relevant backlinks present on your website.
  • Re-targeting Campaigns – Re-targeting is a slow but steady process and has higher effectiveness than traditional targeting. Re-targeting is not only cost-effective but also yields more conversion rates.
  • Managed ad placement – Managed Placement is a process of placing your PPC ads on relevant web pages that are related to your program. For example, suppose you want to promote your latest online course on data management – then it is beneficial to place your ads on a website related to data education, which is more likely to be visited by a potential student for that course.
  • Conversion-oriented content – Conversion-oriented content can be generated by describing details about your institution such as its amenities, infrastructure, campus facilities, faculty details, placement records, fee structure, etc. which will directly persuade students to link with you.
  • On-Page SEO – SEO is an indispensable element of every successful digital marketing strategy. After all, it is SEO that enhances your brand visibility on search engines, which is the primary platform for a user’s searches. So make sure that the content on your web page is well optimized for searches.
  • Traffic-oriented content – Today, the ‘quality’ of content is determined by whether the content is capable of increasing traffic as well as page ranking. So make sure that your content is focused on generating more traffic and enhancing rankings. This can be achieved by carrying out keyword research with a special focus on long-tail variations of core keywords.
  • Social Sharing oriented content – Social Signals form a significant share of the Google algorithm in deciding your page rankings. They refer to a webpage’s collective shares, comments, and likes. In other words, social signals indicate the ‘popularity’ of a webpage as perceived by the search engines.
  • Stakeholders Networking – By interacting with industry experts, you will get details about career opportunities. By talking to the alumni, you will get an idea of the originality of your institution and how it has helped them carve a career path. By talking to parents and potential students, you will understand their expectations. Thus, it gives you a 360-degree experience of a higher education institution, and this information can be used to develop the most efficient digital marketing strategy.
  • Effective Pitch writing – Pitch Writing must be an essential part of the PR process for higher education institutions. It refers to emails/letters that you write to editors and journalists explaining the uniqueness of your brand.
  • Gather media attention – This is perhaps the most effective way for writing pitches for your brand. To stay on the top of the news, you must develop a critical understanding of the latest developments in the higher education sector. Following the latest news and acting upon it helps you to stay ahead of others in your endeavors.
  • Identify your podium – While developing an effective social media strategy, you must identify the most relevant social media platforms in which your potential students are highly active. Generally, the three main social media platforms famous among the student community are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Once you decide on the platforms on which you are going to campaign, the next step is to understand the algorithms of those platforms. For example, the latest algorithm of Facebook prioritizes the posts of a user’s family and friends. Similarly, Instagram is visuals-first and has eye-popping graphics. On Twitter, it’s about concise but informational content. Hence, you need to identify the most active hashtags for higher education and include them in your posts.
  • Go Live – One such tactic would be hosting a live Q&A session and addressing FAQs about application and admission procedure, fee structure, learning comforts and opportunities, etc. To give students a better feel about your institution and the courses available, you can ask your faculty, students, and alumni to share their perspectives and connect with the candidates.
  • Engage 24/7 With Chatbots – Chatbots are transforming the ways we communicate over the internet. Chatbots are reducing the waste of time and speeding up our actions. Chatbots can be executed effectively as a part of digital strategy for educational institutions.

Digital Marketing Solutions for Education Industry
As a performance-driven, consulting, and strategic marketing partner, we create an effective digital marketing strategy for educational institutes through marketing and communications campaigns that are essential to reach, inform and persuade to put your first step in the digital marketing education sector or have already stepped in and still looking for your business associated with Digital marketing education in Bangalore you may reach out to us.



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