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5 Key Strategies to Increase Instagram Followers

Collaborate with other brands. If you’re struggling to attract Instagram followers, you can try collaborating with a brand with similar vision. 

For example, ecommerce store Bando recently teamed up with Starbucks to create a hashtag that has garnered over 1,500 posts. This collaboration boosted both brands’ Instagram presence by creating buzz.

So this was just an example of how collaborating can work for you to grow your Instagram account followers. Some of the other best ways of doing this is mentioned below.

Top 5 ways of increasing instagram followers:

  • Cross-promotion
  • One of the best ways to promote your brand on Instagram is through cross-promotion. This is an excellent way to reach a broad audience while simultaneously generating more organic traffic to your account. Cross-promotion involves sharing similar content across a number of social media channels. It can save you a lot of time and effort, and can help you create brand awareness while growing your audience on Instagram.

    One of the best ways to cross-promote your brand on Instagram is by posting your posts on other social media networks, including Facebook. The audience on these other platforms is probably familiar with your brand and its products. You can use these other channels to capture the attention of fans you may be missing. Just make sure to cross-promote carefully.

    In addition to Instagram, you can also promote your brand on Facebook through your videos and posts. You can do this by linking your Instagram profile to your Facebook profile. This will help your followers interact with your posts and click the follow button. Make sure to update your Facebook profile with a tab for visual content and a new cover photo. If your profile is updated, users will be more likely to comment on your posts.

    Another way to cross-promote your brand on Instagram is to include your Instagram icon in your emails. Some brands even make use of email signatures to link to their social media profiles. This service allows you to select the list of profiles that you want to promote. These profiles are likely to have similar interests to yours.

  • Influencer marketing
  • Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to increase Instagram followers and boost your brand’s popularity. It involves working with an influencer who has a similar audience as your brand. It also requires you to follow the influencer’s posts to ensure your marketing effort is effective. In addition, influencer marketing can help boost your ROI.

    It works for all types of businesses. Big brands work with popular personalities to promote their products, while new entrepreneurs partner with influencers who are just getting started and building their platforms. Influencers are trusted by their followers and have the power to influence the buying decision of a potential customer.

    Influencer marketing works because it puts your brand name in front of thousands of people. Those who trust your influencer are likely to learn about your business and follow you on social media. In addition, this will improve your search engine optimization and backlinks. Increasing your brand’s visibility is crucial to ensuring a successful online presence.

    One of the key strategies to increase Instagram followers is to partner with an influencer. Influencers have large followings and can easily persuade their followers to make a purchase or follow the latest trends. In addition to that, you can also use influencers’ existing audience to increase your brand’s awareness.

  • Investing in analytics tools
  • Investing in analytics tools helps you understand how your followers are interacting with your content. Using a tool as such, will help you understand what your competitors are posting about, how you can improve your hashtag strategy, and which posts are getting the most engagement. In addition, it will give you insights on when to post and what to post. You can use this data to boost your Instagram presence and convert your followers into sales.

    While many Instagrammers are content with the limited number of metrics available to them, businesses need the data to improve growth, reach, and engagement rates. Using analytics tools will enable you to understand your audience and competitors better and save you time and energy. Knowing when to post will also help you invest in the right time of day for your audience.

    You can view analytics under the Overview section or under specific content. These tools are designed specifically for this platform and offer accurate data so you can make data-driven decisions. These tools also offer a customizable dashboard so that you can view your analytics at a glance.

    Instagram analytics tools provide you with detailed statistics and history about your marketing activity. They also help you refine your marketing efforts and boost your ROI. With these tools, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and determine which posts are working and which aren’t.

  • Reposting user-generated content
  • One of the key strategies to increase Instagram followers is reposting user-generated content (UGC). Reposting UGC will fill in any content gaps and show that you appreciate the work of other users. Just be sure to give proper credit to the original poster and ask for permission before reposting it. You can also use hashtags to find UGC. Reposting UGC is a win-win strategy for both influencers and brands.

    Another important strategy is to create your own UGC. This will increase your followers’ engagement levels and increase your brand’s visibility. It can also help grow your brand’s existing community. Incorporate brand mentions in UGC and use hashtag campaigns to increase your visibility. If you have the right tools, reposting UGC on Instagram is quick and easy.

    Another key strategy to increase Instagram followers is to share UGC that your audience enjoys. Millennials are known to trust user-generated content as 50 percent more than other types of content. Sharing an Instagram video of a satisfied customer with a message about your brand’s product or service will resonate with millennials and increase your Instagram following and sales.

    Reposting UGC is an important way to increase Instagram followers. However, it’s important to use the right tools to avoid plagiarism and legal hassles. Instagram doesn’t offer reposting tools, but there are some third-party reposting tools that can help you post user-generated content. Third-party reposting tools recognize the copied URL, curate reposted photos, and give credit to the original author.

  • Using hashtags
  • Using hashtags is a great way to bring your content to the forefront of Instagram. For example, if you’re selling dresses, putting the hashtag #dresslikeaqueen in your post will help millions of potential customers find your content. This is because users actively search for hashtags and click on them. Using hashtags in your posts will also encourage more interaction with your content.

    The best way to use hashtags is to choose ones that are related to your content. Popular hashtags are okay in certain circumstances, but use them sparingly and in small amounts. It’s not a good idea to have huge blocks of hashtags in your captions, as this can make it hard for your followers to see the content. Instead, smart brands create a divider between the main body of the caption and the hashtags. This makes it easier to read.

    The key to using hashtags in your Instagram posts is to use those that are relevant to your brand or topic. You can use your business’s name, product name, slogans, or other relevant terms. However, you should not overdo it, as this could give your followers the impression that you’re desperate. Using hashtags will help increase your followers’ reach, so make sure you use them wisely.

    Using hashtags in Instagram is an excellent way to increase brand exposure and engage with your audience. Using hashtags can also help you find new users who are interested in what you have to offer. For example, if you’re selling shoes, using hashtags that relate to your style can make your posts more relevant to other people.


    These are the top 5 most preferred ways of increasing instagram followers which are used widely around the globe. Even a small instagram influencer can use these tricks to boost up their accounts and get some good and high quality followers for which even they can convert it to some sales while doing some brand collaborations.
    But of course these are not only the ways or ideas to increase instagram followers but even you can follow some other ways of doing it. But if you’re really in need of these type of tricks then comment down for sure and please let us know so that even we feel excited to write the other part of this blog and give you some incredible tips to grow your instagram followers.
    Thank you for reading.



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