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5 Strategies to build and enhance your dentistry service!

According to a recent survey by Safari digital 97% of consumers seek local business online. Guess what, those postcards and yellow pages have taken a backseat, and if you still rely on those, your dental practice will certainly collapse. A strong online strategy is essential for growing any dentistry service with a steady flow of patients and the absence of a website may become a huge red flag for many potential patients. Now that you’ve come across Digital Marketing, going through so many options might be confusing and scary and above all, it must be risky to put money. But you don’t need to worry, with these proven formulae you will certainly get a definite dental marketing solution that will increase leads by 54% more than the traditional ones.

1. Build a Powerful Online Website:
The first step to influencing the audience and making your presence felt is to design a unique website that distinguishes you from others and makes you the best of the rest. Social media pages do not allow complete control of the information but your website page allows complete autonomy. Almost all the dentists are clueless in this job, but keep reading to get a detailed picture of website building. The name of your website will be your face in the digital world, so make sure that the name of your domain is appealing.
2. Hosting service and Platforms:
Next comes, building a house where you put your belongings i.e., a Hosting Service where you put pictures, services, and written materials. After you get done with the above processes, you have to select the best platform for your website. Platforms like WordPress and Blogger are free to use. What you have to pay more attention to is the fact that your website should be mobile-friendly as maximum searches come from mobile phones, it should be adaptable on tabs, laptops, and desktop screens as well.

3. Content marketing:
This task may seem a bit overwhelming to you but this is what strengthens your brand image, makes your posts viral, and attract more leads. Your content need not be stiff like a newspaper, make it interactive, and informal as if you’re talking one-on-one with your patient. Sharing links to your last post or some useful websites may help you drive traffic and boost your SEO rankings. Don’t forget to put pictures, one eye-catching picture can say what 1000 words cannot. Blogging once or twice a week will be ideal for your goal.

4. E-mail marketing plan:
An essential part of your next step to building your online presence is crafting sound, mobile-optimized e-mail marketing. This will not only engage your existing patients but will also drive patients that are yet to hear about your dentistry services. First comes branding your email campaigns which should be consistent and include your logo to align with how your brand looks. Then, a compelling subject line is what will create your impression, and make it impactful. Sticking to a regular schedule and avoiding large gaps while publishing any newsletter etc would ensure that your mails are heading to their inboxes and not Spam. You can also provide your readers with some focused messages, tips, and insights on oral health that will hook them regularly and trigger referrals.
5. Social media posts:

Social media marketing is a great kickstart to your growth. Is it that hard? Nope! It’s much easier if followed correctly. We have to do a lot more than just posting pictures of clean white teeth or adding videos now and then. Content is a consistent factor on all platforms, it must be compelling and engaging with the 80/20 rule that is, 80% of your post should be entertaining, and informative while 20% should be promoting your brand directly. Never Copy! You can freely use references from other websites but write the information in your words. Make sure that your description on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., matches with each other. You can start with Facebook, then modify it to short tweets, and cut short the words with creative posts on Instagram. Easy-peasy! Now that there are Reels on Instagram, shorts on Youtube, and Facebook too, you need to showcase yourself and your services as much as possible but within 60 seconds or a maximum of 90 sec. One viral video and you’re the star the next day! 


So to know how these social media practices will help you we have written an complete blog on how certainly Facebook and Instagram can help your business grow. 

There are endless ways of generating leads but the above ones never fail. Not to forget, create magnet leads such as mentioning free consultation or free checkup for first users that can get you hundreds of e-mail logins and website visits. Also embedding a google map will get you in the search list of “DENTISTS NEAR ME”. As a dentist, it will be a bit hard for you to conduct SEO or write customer-engaging content. Hiring a marketing agency can assist you properly in generating high-quality leads and placing your content at right time in the right place. With Adzgear which has specialized in designing the marketing hook and converting leads, you can develop and expand your dental business in no time. Get started with a FREE MARKETING CONSULT.



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