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All About YouTube Advertising

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Youtube is home to around 2 billion people, It attracts millions of viewers each day. Youtube has created a lucrative opportunity for marketers as well as advertisers! Almost all big brands are leveraging their potential and any brand not utilizing the power of youtube ads in this age, is already losing their social media marketing game!

Many creators use this platform to attract new followers to their channels. Another way to do this is by buying YouTube subscribers through authentic sources that provide genuine YouTube users. Apart from being the viewers, Subscribers are the real wealth earned on the YouTube Channel as they are the trusted delighted customers of the value created through the video content.

Let us discuss the complete YouTube Ads, How to create them? Why they are important for your business? What are the tips for optimizing YouTube Ads?

Why do brands run YouTube Ads? The 3 major reasons are

Entertainment and Information purpose is what drives people to YouTube, so this makes it both a social media platform and a Search Engine.

Google blogs say, 90% of people say that they learned about a new product/service through YouTube. Moreover, on average, a YouTube user visits 9 pages in a day.

The watch time generated by the video titled “which product to buy”, increased by twice. Thus YouTube is progressively becoming a hub for influencing buyer decisions moreover, YouTube is one of the most cost-effective platforms for running ads. Thus, it becomes a necessary conclusion that YouTube Ads is the Future!

What are the types of Ad formats that YouTube Provides?

Google allows marketers to run 5 different types of Ads (Video/Non-video format) on YouTube. i.e.,

The trueview in-stream ads are displayed on desktops, Mobile devices, TV, and Game consoles. As per google Ads, The trueview in-stream YouTube ads goals- Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, Brand Awareness, Reach, Product and Brand Consideration.

Since viewers are unable to skip this ad format, they are not considered to be TrueView. Non-skippable in-stream ads appear before, during, or after the main video. This ad type can be 15 seconds long at maximum. In the case of these ads, advertisers are charged based on impressions. These ads may appear on Desktop and mobile devices.

Previously known as In-display ads, the TrueView video discovery ad is a non-video ad format. They consist of a thumbnail image, a CTA, a link to the website, and a few lines of description. These are known as discovery ads because they are found in places of discovery on YouTube platforms such as SERPs. In the case of TrueView Video discovery ads, the advertiser is charged only when a viewer clicks on the ad to watch the video.

Bumper Ads are yet another form of non-skippable YouTube ad. It can be 6 seconds long at maximum. These appear before, during, or after another video the main video starts playing. Bumper Ads prove to be helpful when marketers wish to share a short message with viewers. For bumper ads, advertisers are charged based on impressions.

Masthead ads are a special YouTube ad format, that can only be used by reserving it through Google sales representatives. Advertisers are charged for masthead ads per day or per thousand impressions. Brands invest in masthead ads when they wish to hold a huge awareness drive about a new product/service, in short time duration.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising

As YouTube has over 1 billion users on the platform, and over 1 billion unique visits each month, YouTube advertising has the potential to reach a large percentage of the population when they are highly engaged.

YouTube, as part of the Google empire, has a wealth of knowledge that only Facebook can rival. This knowledge of individual preferences and interests can help you target the right people with your YouTube advertising. Be careful not to over-optimize your targeting and limit your reach.

The reports you receive during your advertising campaigns are in-depth and provide information about not just your ads but also those who interacted with them. Get to know the audience who interacted with your content. What content did they enjoy before they went on to buy something from your store? Linking your Google Ads and Analytics accounts together to get more information.

After a person has visited your website and shown interest in your business, don’t wait for them to come back again – build a relationship with them. As part of the Google suite, remarketing can help you target people with ads if they have visited your website, meaning that you can lead them back to your website, build trust with them, and, hopefully, make a sale in the future.

YouTube advertising is not static; it is constantly changing, and so can your ads. You can change your targeting, ad schedule, ad copy, etc, in real-time to ensure you get the most out of your advertising budget with YouTube. Tailor your ads over time to evolve as your audience does.


YouTube advertising is more targeted than ever, and it’s less competitive real estate than the world of Google Search because video content is newer to the content scene and less popular than blog posts.



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